CFMD Escrow Setup

Please fill out form completely.  Your escrow agreement will be returned to you by e-mail in MS Word format for you to print and sign.  You may then send deposit materials and payment to us to complete the escrow.

Once your escrow is in place, you may enroll additional beneficiaries and upload your escrow deposit materials and updates to us using our Client Tools.

  • EXHIBIT A: Depositor's Designated Contact

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • EXHIBIT B: Description of Deposit Materials

    To submit escrow deposits and updates via FTP, click here.
  • EXHIBIT C: Initial Beneficiary (Client) Enrollment

    To enroll additional Beneficiaries to your account, click here. Bulk beneficiary enrollment rates may apply for CfMD Partners. Contact us for details.
  • EXHIBIT D: Additional Terms (if any or applicable):

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Submission of this electronic form to Guard-IT Corporation represents the Party's expressed intent to establish a Multi-User escrow agreement between itself and Guard-IT Corporation. Depositor certifies that it is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (r) partner. Upon receipt of this electronic form, Guard-IT will forward the escrow agreement to the Depositor for execution. Guard-IT is not responsible for any errors, including typographical or data entry errors, which may be submitted via this form. For technical questions or assistance with this page, call +1 (512) 282-1995 or send email to