Guard-IT provides a comprehensive, three-layer system for companies in the energy sector who need to preserve software and critical IT assets.  The Guard-IT model can reduce costly downtime and prevent frustrating searches for replacement software components after a system fails or is attacked.

LEVEL I:  Total System "Snapshot".  When daily operation costs are in the six-figure range, downtime from a system crash or cyberattack can be very expensive.  With Guard-IT, you can shorten this downtime from weeks or months to just days.  Our Level I service preserves a complete, virtual "snapshot" of your rig, drill ship, platform or other system.  Should the system be hacked or corrupted, your technical staff or consultant will have rapid access to an exact, validated copy of your working system so that it can be re-deployed in the shortest possible timeframe.

LEVEL II:  Third-Party Software.  In complex organizations like oil & gas exploration and service companies, it's not uncommon for mission-critical, third-party software to become scattered, outdated, unsupported or even misplaced.  And since one software component often affects another, you can experience extensive downtime and losses if only one of those software components crashes.  In other cases, an OEM or software vendor might fail to support you or worse, go out of business.

When this happens, you need access to the source code and other vital components of these software products.  Our Level II service preserves encrypted copies of all versions of your third-party software in our cloud location.  We retain all updates to the software over time, so you can access older copies that might be outdated or unavailable.

LEVEL III:  Proprietary Information.  Finally, there are network & server passwords, encryption keys, confidential records, employee credentials and other intellectual property that must be protected.  Guard-IT's encrypted repository holds these items, in addition to the items mentioned above, for your easy access should any of these become lost or stolen.  Storing these items in our third-party repository also gives you proof of ownership by contract rather than by dispute or litigation.

Below is a sample listing of our energy sector clients:

  • Baker Hughes INTEQ
  • Colorado Springs Utilities
  • Conoco-Phillips Inc.
  • EDF Trading North America, LLC
  • Exelon Generation, LLC
  • FIS/SunGard Energy Systems
  • Halliburton Inc.
  • MDTotco, National Oilwell Varco
  • Plains Exploration & Production
  • Saudi Arabian Oil Co.
  • Southwest Gas Corp.
  • Xcel Energy Services Inc.

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