City, state and federal agencies trust Guard-IT to protect their technology assets.

From municipal libraries to international airports to military & defense systems, Guard-IT preserves the software and intellectual property assets that run a wide variety of installations under as many different jurisdictions.  Below is a partial list of some of our government agency clients:

Municipal: Atlanta, GA;  Denver, CO;  Glendale, MO;  Las Vegas, NV;  New Orleans, LA; Orange, CA; Ventura County, CA

County: Denver (CO); Los Angeles (CA); Spotsylvania (VA); Tippecanoe (IN)

State: Florida Dept. of Education; Maine Public Utilities; Oregon Dept. of Human Services; Texas Dept. of Transportation; Washington State Dept. of Health

Federal: Dept. of Homeland Security (TSA); Federal Home Loan Banks (multiple);  National Security Agency; U.S. Military Branches (multiple)

We are prepared to help you easily setup and manage escrow agreements among your various software and IT vendors.  We can also assist in drafting custom escrow agreements that are agency-approved and ready for distribution and implementation among your vendor base.  Discounts and incentives for multiple agreements or escrow agreement consolidation are also available.

We understand that the last thing you want is more paperwork or extra administrative burdens, so our "Self-Service" tools make it easy to setup and maintain your escrow agreements.  If your agency allows digital signatures, we can also customize e-signature templates that are even easier to route and execute.

Contact us today to discuss your department or agency's software escrow needs.  Please e-mail or call (512) 282-1995 for a free draft agreement or more info.