Consolidate Your Escrow Agreements


Perhaps you're with a municipality with 10 or 12 different software vendors. Or maybe you’re with a Fortune 500 company using 50 vendors.  Do you know where your software escrow agreements are, who is administering them or how much are you paying each year?

If you have multiple escrow agreements for multiple software vendors administered by multiple escrow companies, we don’t have to point out the obvious administrative headaches that are associated.

Guard-IT can reduce your administrative burden by consolidating your software escrow agreements.

Whether it’s for the ease of document access and single-source process improvements, ease of handling audit inquiries or just simple cost savings, we can assume the administrative task of consolidating escrow agreements for all of your third-party software vendors, leaving you with the following net benefits:

  • A single repository for all of your escrow agreements
  • Immediate time and cost savings
  • All escrow fees guaranteed for the life of the agreement(s)
How does this help?

  • You AND your software vendors have online tools for easy, ongoing escrow account management
  • Agreements are in one location for easy access during audits or license reviews
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery components are easily accessible
  • Escrow deposits are refreshed, ensuring that the latest software version is secured
  • Contract anniversary dates may be synchronized to reduce billing frequency

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