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Our flexible terms, flat-rate pricing and expedient customer service have made us a leading innovator in software/source code & intellectual property escrow services for nearly 20 years.  Our sole mission is to protect and preserve your technology assets.  Our exclusive "Self-Service" toolkit reduces your administrative burden by helping you easily set up new agreements, update deposit materials, add new beneficiaries and pay invoices 24/7.

We serve a wide array of clients in more than 36 countries and we are ready to help you prepare an escrow agreement that suits your specific needs.

About Guard-IT


Software escrow has been our focus since 1999.

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We serve a global clientele in almost every industry & service sector.


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Our team comprises decades of experience in escrow, IT development, intellectual property matters, mediation and contract law.

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What We Do

Guard-IT provides third-party escrow, or safekeeping, to secure and preserve software source code, data, formulas, diagrams, digital assets and other intellectual property.

Escrow resolves the issues of access and possession of these assets by placing them with a neutral party (Guard-IT) for safekeeping.  The "escrow agreement" is the contract that defines the depositor's ownership of the deposit materials, and designates clients, licensees, investors or other interested parties as beneficiaries to the escrow.  It also predefines specific terms or “release conditions” that would trigger a release of the escrow deposit materials to a beneficiary.

"Multi-User" agreements give developers an extra layer of intellectual property protection, control of the basic escrow terms and the flexibility to add any number of beneficiaries to a single agreement.  "Single-User" agreements usually include specific terms that are exclusive to one beneficiary.

Established in 1999, Austin, Texas-based Guard-IT serves clients in more than 36 countries, ranging from small software developers to Fortune 100 corporations, along with various city, state and federal agencies.  The Guard-IT executive team brings together more than 65 years of combined experience in technology development, dispute resolution, intellectual property matters and corporate contract law.

Please tour our website for more information, or call us at (512) 282-1995 with questions or to request a free draft agreement.

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