"Certified for Microsoft Dynamics" (CFMD) Escrow






Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD) is a solution certification achieved by Microsoft Dynamics partners whose software solutions have met Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner developed solutions to deliver comprehensive business management systems.

In 2010, Guard-IT was one of the first of a handful of software escrow providers chosen by Microsoft to address the software escrow requirement for Microsoft Dynamics certification.  Since then, we have helped companies around the world get their escrow agreement in place quickly and easily.

Most CFMD escrow agreements can be completed the same or next business day.  We have recently reduced our CFMD escrow rates and guarantee them for up to five (5) years.  Contact us for details.

How to Establish Your CFMD Escrow:

There are three simple steps to setup your escrow:

  • 1) Submit your company and product details at our CFMD Setup page.  We will return a completed agreement for you to sign and return to us, and also send an invoice for the escrow fees.
  • 2) Upload your escrow deposit materials (source code) our Client Tools site.
  • 3) Submit your payment online.


Please contact us with questions or if you need assistance.