Paymaster Escrow

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We're your trusted agent for secure funds transfers

Since 1999, Guard-IT's escrow agreements have secured software licenses, purchases and development contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars by protecting the technology assets of some of the best IT companies in the world.

With our long history as a trusted third party, we can also help with your buy/sell transactions by receiving and verifying funds, and then transferring these to your designated payee(s) upon request.

Whether your transaction is for M&A funding, earnest money, planes, trains, heavy equipment, EB-5 visas or other commercial ventures, we can safely and reliably transfer funds from buyer to seller with a customized escrow agreement that complements your sale or purchase agreement.

We offer online electronic-signature forms to streamline your recurring transactions, and our competitive pricing structure, with no hidden fees or variable rates, can help your budgeting and planning processes (minimum transaction fee applies).

Contact us at for a sample escrow agreement, pricing info or to discuss how we can help with your next transaction.