Paymaster Escrow

Funds Escrow
& Paymaster Services

We're your trusted agent for secure funds transfers

Since 1999, Guard-IT has secured software licenses, purchases and development contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars by protecting and preserving the digital assets of some of the best companies in the world.  With our long history as a trusted third party, we're uniquely qualified and equipped to manage paymaster services by receiving and verifying funds and then transferring these to a designated payee(s) in accordance with the Parties' agreed escrow terms.

Guard-IT's paymaster services are supported by Capital One Bank's treasury management system, providing the utmost in security, accountability and reporting for your escrow account.

Whether your transaction is for investments or M&A funding, construction projects, grant money disbursement, fintech payments, earnest money deposits, airplanes, yachts or other commercial ventures, we can safely and reliably receive, verify, hold and disburse funds from Party A to Party B with a custom escrow & paymaster agreement.

For government and regulatory agencies, Guard-IT can manage the escrow of fines and penalties pending case resolution, including the receipt, verification, escrow and disbursement of monies to the agency.

Contact us at to discuss your project and request a sample escrow & paymaster agreement.

IMPORTANT:  All escrow & paymaster services require a signed escrow agreement and submission of complete KYC details and AML declarations for all Parties to the agreement.  All projects must comply with Guard-IT Corporation's Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy.