Guard-IT Adds Digital Signing to its Paperless Processes

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Guard-IT Corporation (, a global leader in software (source code) escrow services and technology asset preservation, has added electronic signature capabilities to its exclusive web-driven and mobile-friendly customer service toolkit.

New customers may now choose the e-signature version of Guard-IT's standard Single- or Multi-User escrow agreements.  These versions will allow customers to quickly and easily sign their escrow agreements digitally, without having to e-mail, edit, print or scan MS-Word document formats.

Existing Guard-IT customers may also convert their pre-approved escrow agreement forms into e-signature format by contacting Guard-IT, making it much easier for those with multiple escrow agreements to implement new ones.

Guard-IT's exclusive Client Tools site, an industry first, was created in 2002 to help customers set up new escrow agreements, upload deposit materials, enroll new beneficiaries and submit credit card payments.

"Our new digital signing capability makes it easier than ever for any party, licensor or licensee, anywhere to implement and execute a software escrow agreement from their desktop, tablet or mobile device, 24/7," said Guard-IT's founder and CEO Jim Ford.

For more information, call (512) 282-1995.

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