Guard-IT Expands Litigation Support Services to Six U.S. Markets

AUSTIN, TEXAS (April 9, 2013) – Guard-IT Corporation (, a global leader in software (source code) escrow and verification services, has announced the expansion of its litigation support services to six major U.S. cities.

As a trusted third party, Guard-IT neutrally hosts the inspection of source code, databases and other intellectual property involved in litigation, including patent infringement cases and other IP lawsuits.

In the discovery process, attorneys hire expert witnesses to perform complex inspections, reviews and analyses of software source code, databases and other intellectual property involved in the lawsuit. Guard-IT’s role is to provide a controlled-access work room and computer equipment so expert witnesses may perform these inspections in a neutral environment.

The parties may schedule expert witness inspections with Guard-IT in weekly or monthly increments.Unless otherwise specified, Guard-IT may provide the expert witnesses with computer equipment and printers needed to perform the inspections.

This hosting is in conjunction with Guard-IT’s interim escrow, or safekeeping, of the software source code during the discovery process. The interim software escrow may be agreed upon by the parties in the lawsuit or directed by the court of jurisdiction.

As an established leader in third-party software escrow services, Guard-IT is uniquely qualified to offer law firms, litigants and expert witnesses controlled, neutral source code inspection facilities and interim software escrow services.

Guard-IT has performed these services in Austin for several years, but is extending its coverage to six other U.S. cities: Baltimore, MD; Houston, TX (two locations); Las Vegas, NV; Richmond, VA; San Antonio, TX and The Woodlands, TX.

Additional locations are planned and will be announced at a later date.

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