Secure FTP & Storage

Send Deposits via FTP

For your convenience, we offer upload capability via our secure FTP site. Just zip files into a folder and use our encrypted upload link below. Folders are encrypted with a 1024-bit key on upload. We then download, decrypt and burn to media for vault storage. Please contact us for deposits larger than 5GB to arrange for FTP credentials.

Click here to upload your files via our 1024-bit-encrypted FTP.

Visit our Security page for more information about our upload and archiving processes.

Physical Media Vault Features

When we first started providing escrow services in 1999, most of our clients' escrow deposits were submitted to us on physical media:  CDs, DVDs, and yes even magnetic tapes and floppy disks!  For years, we have maintained state-of-the-art vault facilities for offsite storage of our clients' physical media.

    • Original escrow agreements & deposit materials are stored in our 24"-by-24" steel mini-vaults inside a main vault room
    • Dual-key access to vaults is limited to Guard-IT corporate officers
    • Vault room walls, floor and ceiling constructed of 24+ inches of solid concrete and steel
    • The vault's main door, day-door and time-controlled locking mechanisms by Hamilton Safe TM
    • Fire suppression systems, environmental controls & intrusion detection systems all approved and rated by Underwriters Laboratories
    • 24/7 video camera surveillance and armed security
    • External environmental controls supported by redundant power supply

Contact for more information.