Guard-IT & Northwest Technical Solutions Partner to Offer Asset Preservation Solutions to Oil & Gas Sector


AUSTIN, Texas, (PR NEWSWIRE) -- Guard-IT, a leading innovator in software escrow, asset preservation and business continuity services, has entered a joint marketing agreement with Northwest Technical Solutions, LLC ( to offer specialized technology asset preservation solutions to clients in the oil and gas industry.

“The current fallout from the energy sector downturn magnifies the need to preserve source code, data and other soft assets that drive business in the sector,” said Jim Ford, founder and CEO of Guard-IT.  “If these assets are not properly secured, it can be anybody’s guess as to where they’re stored, who owns them and who has a right to possess or use them if a vendor or supplier goes out of business.”

Guard-IT is a neutral third party that holds copies of source code, databases and other intellectual property in safekeeping under a legally binding escrow agreement.  Contingent access to the deposited materials is dictated by release conditions defined in the agreement.

As Northwest Technical Solutions (NWTS) works to preserve rigs in this market, it is evident the storage of the data is of highest importance. Ford said that the timing is right for companies to take inventory, test and secure assets. “When the market fires up again, nobody will be focused on assessing or testing software assets, instead they’ll be focused on operations.”

“NWTS has the experience and expertise to inventory and test the assets, and we have the experience and expertise to preserve them,” Ford said.

Carl Shaw, President of NWTS, looks forward to providing clients with Guard-IT’s secure form of data preservation and management, and trusts this added value will prove noteworthy to the industry.

About Guard-IT
Established in 1999, Austin-based Guard-IT Corporation provides software escrow and intellectual property protection services to technology developers and their customers in more than 32 countries.  Guard-IT is also a preferred provider for Microsoft’s “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” accreditation program.  Visit or for energy-specific information see  Call (512) 282-1995 for details.

About Northwest Technical Solutions
Northwest Technical Solutions, LLC (NWTS) is a professional engineering firm that specializes in inspections and regulatory compliance of well control equipment.  NWTS provides leading-edge technical services for vessel lifecycle management, as well as training and curriculum development. For further information, visit

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